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Integrating marketing channels

Your SEO, PPC, social media and all online marketing activities should be integrated with each other and your offline campaigns.

  • SEO gets you found in search results.
  • PPC and remarketing give you opportunities to pitch directly to targeted searchers and browsers.
  • Social media and content generation allow you to tell your story and build relationships with potential customers and brand ambassadors.
  • Offline campaigns will trigger online searches.

You find the best results from individual campaigns and your overall strategy when the message, visuals and other branding are consistent.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can craft the best strategy for your online business.

return on investment

ROI Driven

ROI-driven campaigns are optimised for Profit.

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Content Centred

Relevant, high-quality content attracts interest, converts and keeps customers.

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Your search ads will work with the rest of your marketing and company strategy.

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Alban has succesfully helped 100s of clients over more than 20 years.