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Our Audit and Road map process
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About Alban Digital

Launched in 2000 as The Website Marketing Company, Alban Digital has well over 20 years’ experience launching, optimising and managing online marketing for national and international organisations, including Sainsbury’s, Womens’ Tennis Association, Thompson & Morgan, Great Hotels of the World, and Step Change – the UK’s leading debt help charity.

Editorial, marketing and bottom-line publishing

Alban’s CEO, Mark Nunney, previously worked for ten years in publishing. Starting as an advertising manager, writer and editor, he soon moved to working as a publisher and then managing director, often for subscription-based publications that thrived on advanced marketing techniques.

These skills and perspectives informed a new career in search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing. Subsequently, all work by Alban Digital considers the quality of content used, conversion following visits, the business as a whole and the bottom-line as a goal.

Cornwall life

We came to Cornwall in 2002 for the quality of life – the surf, the beaches and the cliff top walks.

We have the same positive attitude to our work. We enjoy it, and we put quality first. And we believe that ‘quality will out’. We know that every client, its market and websites are different. That’s why we avoid employing cheap, untrained labour that can only deliver the same rote-learned service to all clients.

This means you get a bespoke service from Alban Digital, guaranteed to be appropriate for your circumstances.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can craft the best strategy for your online business.

return on investment

ROI Driven

ROI-driven campaigns are optimised for Profit.

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Content Centred

Relevant, high-quality content attracts interest, converts and keeps customers.

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Your search ads will work with the rest of your marketing and company strategy.

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Alban has succesfully helped 100s of clients over more than 20 years.